• Syringe Filter

    Syringe Filter

    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd comprehensive range of syringe filters provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions for use with pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, food, beverage, and agricultural testing applications.

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  • Membrane Filter

    Membrane Filter

    Membrane filters are a thin, polymeric film made up of millions of microscopic pores. Membrane retain particles and microorganisms that exceed their pore ratings by acting as a physical barrier and capturing such particles on the surface of the membrane.

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  • Filter Paper

    Filter Paper

    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd cellulose filter papers are manufactured from high quality cotton linters. The different grades of cellulose filters offer increasing degrees of purity, hardness, and chemical resistance. They are mainly used for sample clarification or precipitate recovery before material identification or quantification in areas such as pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental testing, food and beverage, mining, cement and many other industries.

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  • Vacuum Filtration

    Vacuum Filtration

    Filtration manifolds are used for liquid filtration. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd has single solvent filter and multi- filtration manifolds for different applications. Single solvent can filter single sample for one time while Multi-branch solvent filters, an integrative filter with reasonable structure and beautiful contour and without wedding spots, equipped with separate valve so that it can filter single sample or multiple samples at the same time so as to save time when testing a lot of samples. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd solvent filter made with 316L stainless steel has the characteristics of acid-resistance, alkali resistance, fast filtering speed, long service life, reasonable structure, easily cleaning and operating. It can be widely used in the fields of chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, environmental protection, food and beverage etc. When use Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd filter hold manifolds, there are also fitted vacuum pump in supply.

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  • Flash Column

    Flash Column

    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Flash columns are machine packed with ultra-pure sorbents. The proprietary user-friendly design eliminates the need for cumbersome, expensive adapters, valves or other accessories, thus providing organic chemists fast and easy purifications with high resolution and reproducibility.

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  • HPLC Column

    HPLC Column

    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd EChromaTM Series HPLC Columns based on ultra pure (purity > 99.999%) spherical and totally porous silica, adopted unique bonding chemistry and proprietary surface modification technique, which provide excellent peak shape, column efficiency and exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility. EChromaTM column is the best choice for method development, due to the complete bonding chemistries and stable performance.

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  • SPE Cartridge

    SPE Cartridge

    Description SPE is a method of sample preparation that concentrates and purifies analytes from solution by sorption onto a sorbent contained in either a disposable solid phase cartridge or a 96-well plate, followed by elution of the analyte with a solvent and reconstitution into a mobile phase that is appropriate for the instrumental method used for analysis. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd SPE Cartridges are made of medical grade PP and forming in one time. Frits are made of UHMW-PE. There is a variety of models to choose. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd provides SPE OEM service in order to support you to establish your own SPE brands easily. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Classification According to principle of reaction, SPE is divided into the following three categories. 1. Normal-phase extraction- Adsorbents used in normal phase extraction are polar. 2. Reversed-phase extraction- The sorbent and the target analytes by reversed-phase extraction is usually the non-polar or weak polar, relying mainly on non polar and non polar interactions, is a fan of Edward force or dispersion force. 3. Lon exchange extraction- is relying on the interaction between target analytes and sorbent.

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  • Glass Vial

    Glass Vial

    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd auto sample vials, septa and caps are supplied certified as a standard at no extra cost, ensuring that with vials from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd you will achieve consistent, reliable and reproducible results time after time. All of our vials, septa and caps are fully guaranteed to work in your auto sampler. Both crimp and screw top are available.

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  • QuEChERS


    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd QuEChERS products include QuEChERS Kit, QuEChERS Extraction kit, QuEChERS Extraction Salts, QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Kit, QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent, QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers, the comprehensive type of products can  satisfy various customer requirements, at the same time, other type will also supply by us which you can buy according to your requirements.

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  • Extraction Thimbles

    Extraction Thimbles

    The thimbles are widely used in Soxhlet extraction units, providing a safe, convenient and efficient method of solvent extraction for solids and semi-solids. Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of fats or pesticides in foods and soil materials as well as in many other procedures that involve a solid-liquid extraction. The Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd cellulose and glass microfiber extraction thimbles have high purity and good quality, and the former are often used in fat test while the later are mostly used in environmental monitoring. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers two kinds of extraction thimbles: Cellulose extraction thimbles and Glass Fiber extraction thimbles. The all-sided product types can meet most customer requirements.

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  • Pipettes


    Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Pipettes

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  • Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser

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