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The Selection Of Setrile Syrineg Filters
Dec 22, 2017

                          The Selection of Setrile Syrineg Filters

In the production of injection, the use of bacteria can't through the dense holes the principle of the filter material, will make a good solution to use appropriate aperture filter to filter, to remove the impurities in the liquid medicine and bacteria. For drug production enterprises, the first consideration should be how to select the sterile syringe filter.


A good matching with the product, the filter should meet the following conditions:

1. The filter membrane material and structure to be compatible with filtering solution has good adaptability, filter material shall not to be have adsorption filtration components, also cannot release the material, can not have fibers.

2. The syringe filter can prove the size of its aperture and the integrity of the filter by means of the bubble point test.

3. The syringe filter material should be able to tolerate steam sterilization of 121 .

4. The syringe filter material should be properly and effectively the bacteria challenge test, namely microbial intercept test (note should be in the actual liquid instead of water for injection production conditions, the use of defective pseudomonas validation of microbial intercept performance).

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