Quantitative Filter Paper

Description Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers a complete range of ashless quantitative cellulose filter papers, with a choice of particle retentions, filtration speeds, and filter thicknesses. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd ashless quantitative filter papers are very pure filters suitable for a wide range of critical analytical filtration procedures. Features 1, Ashless-extramely low ash content <0.01% 2, Supply in Ashless Grades BOI-40/41/42/43/44 3, Slow, Medium and Fast flow rate 4, 55, 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 180, 185, 240, 270, 320mm diameter or OEM size in available 5, Ideal for gravimetric analysis and preparation of samples for instrumental analyses
Starlab Scientific, as one of the most credible quantitative filter paper manufacturers and suppliers in China, is good at manufacturing quantitative filter paper. Please feel free to know more details with us.